Family of Fatal Motorcycle Accident Victim Takes Issue with the Determined Cause of the Accident

Motorcycle accidents are often misunderstood by many members of the general public, and this shouldn’t really come as a big surprise because most people don’t ride motorcycles as a primary means of transportation. However, it is more surprising – as well as more upsetting – when police subscribe to the same stereotypes that lead others to assume that any single-vehicle motorcycle accident was the rider’s fault.

While it is true that a large percentage of motorcycle accidents are caused by user error or aggressive driving, those are certainly not the only causes. In fact, other motorists failing to see or yield to a motorcyclist is one of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents. However, news reports routinely place the blame for motorcycle accidents on the rider, rather than consider alternate causes. In some cases, police will also take a “short cut” and, rather than conduct a thorough investigation into what really occurred, will claim that a motorcyclist “lost control” of the motorcycle, leading to the accident.

This can be devastating to the family of a deceased motorcyclist, not only because it leaves them without anyone to answer their questions about what happened, but also because it leaves them with little to no means of recourse.

Fatal Motorcycle Accident Determined to Be Caused by Driver’s Loss of Control

Earlier this month in Florida, a young woman was killed when she was involved in a single-vehicle motorcycle accident. According to one local news report, the accident occurred as the young woman was on her way to a memorial service for another motorcyclist who had passed away in a recent accident.

Evidently, the young woman was riding in a group consisting of several other motorcycles when she got into the accident. Police did not have much to go on when determining the cause of the accident, and they ruled that it was caused by the motorcyclist’s loss of control of the bike. However, friends and family members of the young woman told reporters that they don’t believe their loved one actually lost control but that she was clipped or cut off by a car that never stopped. The truth about what happened in the moments leading up to the accident may never be discovered, unless an in-depth investigation is conducted and more information acquired.

Have You Been Injured in a Maryland Motorcycle Accident?

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