Even Mundane Traffic Situations Can Lead to Deadly Maryland Motorcycle Accidents

When many people picture a Maryland motorcycle accident, they probably picture a motorcycle and another vehicle traveling at high speeds down the highway. Perhaps they imagine the motorcycle was weaving around traffic dangerously, or a car ran a red light and crashed into the motorcycle. While these accidents do, unfortunately, occur (and often lead to severe injuries or even death), sometimes Maryland motorcycle accidents can happen in much more mundane—and seemingly safe—settings.

For example, consider pulling out of a driveway or parking lot. This is a basic driving move, one that even student drivers are trusted to do early on in their training. Typically, when pulling out of a driveway or parking lot, the vehicle is going slow, drivers are very aware of the situation around them, and there appears to be minimal risk of crashing. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

Take a recent case from just earlier this month, where a situation like this turned deadly. According to a local news report, two motorcyclists were tragically killed in a motorcycle crash. The two victims—a 22-year-old man and a 30-year-old woman—were riding a motorcycle around 11 am one morning and traveling down the road when they collided with a Jeep pulling out of a gas station. The two motorcyclists were severely hurt, and ultimately died from their injuries. Police accident reconstruction is going on now.

This accident is clearly tragic, and unfortunately, nothing can undo the harm that has been done or bring the two victims back. However, just like other fatal motorcycle crashes, Maryland state law does allow the families to file a wrongful death lawsuit to recover for costs incurred in the crash.

How Can a Motorcycle Accident Victim Obtain Compensation for Their Injuries?

If the victim of a Maryland motorcycle accident survives, they can individually file a personal injury lawsuit against whoever caused the accident to receive compensation for their injuries, their pain and suffering, their lost wages, and their medical bills. Many people might think that if the victim dies, the potential for a suit dies with them. But recognizing the harms and costs are still felt by the family or the victim’s estate, Maryland allows for wrongful death suits to recover potentially many of the same types of damages that the accident victim could have obtained, in addition to funeral and burial costs. While this may seem unimportant to the family at a time of extreme grief, families may be grateful they decided to file suit in the long-run, when they are not concerned about debt and finances in addition to mourning their loss.

Do You Need Help Filing a Maryland Wrongful Death Suit after a Motorcycle Crash?

If you’re wondering how to get started on filing a wrongful death suit after a Maryland motorcycle accident, look no farther than contacting Lebowitz & Mzhen, LLC. Our attorneys are available for free initial consultations with you to discuss your situation, your potential suit, and how we can help. With years of experience representing grieving Maryland families with compassion and dedication, you can trust our attorneys are working hard for your recovery. Call us today to learn more at 800-654-1949.

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