Driver High on Marijuana Strikes and Kills Bicyclist

Marijuana has been all over the news over the past few years. With efforts to legalize the medicinal – and even recreational – use of the drug cropping up all over the country, the number of accidents caused by marijuana intoxication will likely increase as more and more states loosen regulations on the drug. However, it is important for all to keep in mind that the drug being legal under some circumstances in a state does not give motorists the right to drive while under the influence of marijuana.

Marijuana, like alcohol and other drugs, affects a driver’s ability to safely operate their vehicle. According to one United States government source, marijuana use can affect a driver’s judgment, motor coordination, and reaction time. Some studies have linked marijuana use to a decrease in concentration and an overall decrease in a driver’s ability to safely operate a car or truck. In fact, according to the same U.S. government source, marijuana is the most commonly found illegal drug in the blood of those who have caused serious or fatal traffic accidents.

Bicyclist Struck and Killed by Driver High on Marijuana

Earlier this month in Staten Island, New York, one man was killed when he was struck by a driver who was allegedly high on marijuana at the time. According to one local news source, the victim had recently gotten off work and had borrowed a friend’s bicycle to make a quick trip to a nearby deli to pick up some food for dinner. On the way to the deli, however, a driver attempting to make a left turn out of a strip mall struck the bicyclist.

After the initial collision, the motorist ran over the bike as well as the bicyclist’s body. Emergency responders arrived on the scene immediately, and they transported the man to the hospital, where it was discovered that he suffered from a broken pelvis and other internal injuries. He was admitted to the hospital in critical condition but was unable to recover from his injuries and died a short time later.

Police arrested the driver of the car under suspicion of driving while under the influence of marijuana. The police took the driver’s blood and are currently awaiting the results of the lab tests.

Have You Been Injured in a Maryland Motorcycle or Bicycle Accident?

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