Charles County, Maryland Fatal Motorcycle Accident After Truck Crosses into Lane

A recent news report revealed the aftermath of a fatal motorcycle accident in Charles County, Maryland. The motorcyclist was found dead on the scene. A truck was traveling eastbound while the motorcyclist was traveling westbound. For reasons unknown, the truck crossed the double yellow center line and struck the motorcycle. When personnel arrived on the scene, they found the motorcyclist pinned under the vehicle and unresponsive. Firefighters extricated the trapped motorcyclist, EMS requested a MEDEVAC due to serious injuries sustained by the motorcyclist, but then began CPR on the patient. The patient was unfortunately reported dead on the scene. The cause of the accident is still being investigated.

Are Motorcycle Accidents More Common than Car Accidents?

According to the National Safety Council, motorcyclists make up only 3 percent of all registered vehicles, but motorcyclists account for 14 percent of all traffic fatalities. The National Safety Council also reports that over the last 10 years, deaths have increased 19 percent. Furthermore, according to the Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration (MDOTMVA), in Maryland alone, each year an average of 73 motorcycle riders and passengers are killed in traffic crashes, and nearly 1,046 riders and passengers are injured each year. Motorcyclists are injured in approximately 72 percent of crashes. According to the MDOTMVA’s Motorcycle Program Area Brief, “crashes that involved motorcyclists resulted in injury or death at more than twice the rate of all injury or death related crashes occurring across the State.” Most motorcycle crashes occurred in highly populated regions such as Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Prince George’s County, Montgomery County, and Baltimore City.

Statistics also show trends in age ranges and time of day for crashes. Motorcyclists between the ages of 21-34 were the most represented in motor-cycle involved crashes in Maryland, and the study found that weekends and mid-days were the most dangerous times for motorcyclists, according to the MDOTMVA. These statistics can be insightful in helping motorists understand what factors may contribute more to motorcycle-involved crashes and for thinking of ways to protect themselves.

After a motorcycle-involved crash, you may be wondering what actions to take. Moving to safety, if possible, after a crash is important, as well as contacting emergency support and/or seeking any necessary medical attention. Taking photos of the accident scene, exchanging insurance and contact information with others involved, and taking contact information of any witnesses may also be important. Filing an accident report with the police may be helpful in ensuring that the accident is documented. Importantly, connecting with an experienced personal injury attorney who can help you navigate the aftermath of an accident can be extremely beneficial.

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