Bicyclist Killed in Collision with Motor Vehicle

Two-wheeled vehicles such as bicycles and motorcycles are more likely to be involved in accidents with other vehicles. In the event that a two-wheeled vehicle is involved in a crash, the likelihood that the crash results in serious injury or death is also increased. Motorcycle and bicycle riders should use extreme caution when operating their vehicles on public roadways, as the consequences of someone else’s negligence can be catastrophic. A recently published local news report discusses a fatal collision between a bicyclist and a motor vehicle that occurred in February 2022 in Delaware.

According to the recently published news report, the accident occurred when a 30-year-old Maryland man was cycling in the middle of a small road in Newark, DE. The driver of a motor vehicle approached the bicyclist from behind and attempted to pass on the left by entering into the other lane. Before the vehicle was able to perform the pass, the bicyclist veered to the left and was ultimately struck by the motor vehicle and ejected from his bicycle. Emergency crews were called to the scene after the accident, but the bicyclist’s injuries were too severe to be treated and he succumbed to his injuries in the crash. The article states that the driver of the motor vehicle was not injured in the crash, and does not mention that any charges have been filed against the motorist.

When cars, trucks and other motor vehicles approach a bicycle or other two-wheeled vehicle that is taking up a full lane, the driver of the motor vehicle must allow the smaller vehicle the full use of the lane. Motor vehicle drivers still can attempt to pass a smaller vehicle, but only if traffic laws and conditions allow it to be done safely. A bicyclist who is traveling in the middle of a roadway that is divided by two yellow lines must be allowed to take up the whole lane, and a passing attempt would be illegal. If a driver attempts to pass another vehicle illegally and it results in an accident, the driver of the larger vehicle may be held accountable with criminal charges or in a civil lawsuit for their failure to yield the right of way to the smaller vehicle.

How Long Does a Bicycle Accident Victim Have to Bring a Case in Maryland

Under Maryland law, bicycle accident victims have three years to file a personal injury claim against the responsible party. However, it is generally best to speak with an attorney about your case as soon as possible. This is because important evidence that may help you prove your claim against a negligent driver becomes harder to locate over time.

Legal Representation for a Maryland Motorcycle Crash

If you or someone you know has been hurt in a Maryland motorcycle accident, the expenses and damages sustained in the crash can quickly become overwhelming. Having an experienced Maryland motorcycle accident attorney by your side to assist with your claim can make a tremendous difference in the amount of compensation that you receive. The qualified Maryland accident lawyers from Lebowitz and Mzhen have successfully represented bicyclists and motorcyclists in serious accident claims, ensuring that they obtain the compensation that they deserve. With our experience, you’ll have faith that your claim is being pursued properly. If you have questions about your case, call us today at 800-654-1949 and schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys.

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