Being Mindful of Blind Spots to Keep Bicyclists Safe

Blind spots are areas that drivers cannot see by simply using a mirror. Drivers should be especially mindful of their blind spots because of the possibility of failing to detect bicyclists or other vehicles. It is important to note that because vehicles vary in shape and size, a vehicle’s design can create impact how large a blind spot is. In order to prevent blind spot accidents, drivers should conduct a head-check every time before making any turns or changing lanes.

According to a recent news report from Delaware, a Honda Civic was traveling southbound in the left lane behind another vehicle. A bicyclist entered the left southbound lane, attempting to cross from east to west. The bicyclist entered the path of one of the vehicles, causing the vehicle to suddenly stop. As a result, the Honda changed lanes into the right travel lane. The bicyclist was crossing the right travel lane, and the front of the Honda struck the right side of the bicycle and ejected the bicyclist. The bicyclist was flown to a local hospital in critical condition and later succumbed to the injuries. The operator of the Honda was not injured. The crash is still under investigation.

In addition to drivers being mindful of their own blind spots and being sure to conduct a head-check, drivers should be mindful of the blind spots that certain vehicles have and proceed with caution. For example, large vehicles such as trucks may have large blind spots where they are unable to see objects, including bicyclists. With that in mind, bicyclists can be mindful of staying away from the space in front of a truck and can be mindful of the left-hand blind spot.

When Is a Driver At Fault for Causing a Bicycle Accident?

In many cases, when a motorist fails to properly check their blind spots, and when this is the direct result of a collision, injured parties may want to file both insurance claims and civil lawsuit claims against the other motorist in order to seek damages. Drivers are typically held responsible if they fail to properly check their blind spot and injure another vehicle or bicyclist because drivers are only allowed to change lanes when it is safe. Discussing your blind-spot accident with an experienced attorney can be helpful, however, because there may be situations where it is not so clear cut and may be trickier to determine liability.

Have You or a Loved One Suffered Injuries after a Maryland Bicycle-Related Accident?

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