Baltimore Personal Injury News: Maryland Cyclist Critically Injured following Car-Bicycle Accident

We’ve already written numerous times about the inherent dangers of being a pedestrian or bicycle rider in cities like Baltimore, Annapolis, Frederick and Washington, D.C. In fact, most anyone who has lived and worked in the more densely populated urban areas will likely attest to the tremendous opportunity for personal injury as a result of a traffic accident.

As Maryland automobile injury lawyers, I and my colleagues are keenly aware of the potential for serious injury that persons on foot or riding a bike can be exposed to. Too many people in this state are killed in senseless car and trucking accidents and the statistic bear this out. Even those people who are “lucky” enough to survive a brush with death can be hurt enough to require multiple surgeries for broken bones, internal injuries and spinal cord damage.

Medial costs for these kinds of injuries can run into the tens of thousands of dollars, hundreds even, and that doesn’t include the possible long-term physical therapy that a man, woman or child might need over the course of their life as a result of chronic head, neck or back pain. A lifetime in a wheelchair is a terrible thing to face when caused by another person’s negligence.

According to a news report not long ago, an investigation was still pending in the case of a traffic accident that critically injured a Maryland university student. Based on news reports at the time, 20-year-old Nathan Krasnopoler, a student at Johns Hopkins University, was hit by a vehicle allegedly being driven by an elderly woman.

The accident reportedly happened on a Saturday, when Krasnopoler was biking along a stretch of West University Parkway in a marked bike lane. The crash reportedly occurred near the intersection of West 39th Street when Kransopoler was hit by the woman as she attempted to turn right. Police reports showed that the bicycle rider was trapped under the woman’s car following the accident.

According news articles at the time, police had initially said that charges would likely not be filed against the driver, although they later said that is was premature to say none would be files. Apparently there were a number of unanswered questions regarding the accident and police were looking asking the local community for any eye witnesses to the collision to come forward. At the time of the news reports, accident investigators were reviewing the accident and planned to meet with city prosecutors before deciding whether or not charges or citations should be filed.

Investigation pending in accident that critically injured bicyclist,, March 3, 2011

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