Baltimore Motorcycle Accident News: Two Riders Injured, Taken to Hospital in Separate Bike Wrecks

The old expression, “Where there’s one, there’s another,” can apply to many things in life. On the road, motorcycle riders keep this phrase in mind whenever they see a deer or other animal in or near the roadway. You and your Harley, Ducati or Yamaha might avoid an accident with a buck, but keep a watchful eye that a second deer isn’t behind the bushes waiting to dart in front of you and your bike.

Maryland motorcyclists are no strangers to single-vehicle crashes, especially in autumn when fallen leaves and a little bit or rain can make pavement slick at the worst possible moment. More than one biker has lost control of his mount in a fast corner and collided with a guard rail, tree or other immovable object. Road rash is a distinct possibility in such biking accidents, but a broken leg or arm is not unusual.

Once down, a disabled motorcycle rider lying in the roadway can easily be hit by an approaching passenger car or commercial truck, especially at night. Many bikers have lost their lives in this kind of fatal, post-crash collision. The point we are trying to make here, as Maryland personal injury lawyers who represent riders injured in traffic accidents, is be careful out there. The riding season is still new and you’ll enjoy it more from the saddle of your favorite bike, instead of a hospital bed.

On that note, we ran across an article that returns us to the original saying of “Where there’s one.” According to the news, two motorcyclists were taken to the hospital following two separate traffic accidents on a Friday not long ago. In one crash, a rider from Hagerstown apparently lost control of his bike on an entrance ramp to I-70. There was not indication if the wreck was caused by defective equipment, but that’s always a possibility in single-vehicle accidents.

Based on police reports, 53-year-old Jackie Holman, was riding a Kawasaki Vulcan and allegedly made what police called an unsafe lane change causing him to crash his bike. The accident happened just after 4pm in the afternoon. Emergency responders arriving on the scene tended to the injured man before transporting him to Meritus Medical Center for further treatment of minor injuries.

In another unrelated incident, a resident of Halfway, MD, after she crashed into the back end of another cycle while traveling along a stretch of Wright Road in Washington County. Based on police reports, Tonya Morris was apparently on the middle bike in a line of three cycles when she allegedly struck the motorcycle in front of her. She was taken to the hospital for treatment of reportedly minor injuries. The other two riders were uninjured, according to police, however the rider behind Morris ended up in a nearby stream after swerving to avoid the initial crash.

Two taken to hospital in two separate motorcycle accidents,, March 18, 2011

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