Baltimore Injury Accident News: Three Motorcycle Accidents across Maryland; One Fatality and Two Serious Injuries

As evidenced by the huge number of motorcycling fans and riders throughout our state and the nation, motorcycle riding is a fairly popular sport, and way of life, for many individuals. Without the enthusiasm of full-time riders and hobbyists, one could say motorcycles would be just another form of transportation. But as most anyone can tell, especially after speaking with some dyed-in-the-wool motorcycle fanatics, bikes are not simply a way to get from point A to point B, they are the only way to truly enjoy a getting anywhere.

Whether you live or work in Gaithersburg, Rockville Annapolis or the District, even if you’re not a biker, you see motorcycles of all types on the road — Honda’s, Harleys, Ducattis and Kawasaki’s, among others. Most automobile drivers who are not bikers may not understand the draw that these machines have on some people, yet the passion is unmistakable once one has had a chance to talk with a motorcycle owner.

What most non-riders may not understand is the apparently easy acceptance of the high risk and serious dangers that motorcycle riding presents on a daily basis to these enthusiasts. Despite the numerous stories of bike accidents and fatal traffic crashes involving motorcycles, to an outsider it would appear that none of these individuals cares about their safety. Of course, this couldn’t be farther from the truth, at least for most consummate riders.

As a Maryland personal injury lawyer, I have seen first-hand the results of bike-related auto and trucking accidents. As the smaller vehicle in most any roadway collision, the motorcycle (and many times its rider) bear the brunt of the damage and injuries in a traffic accident. There is no one explanation for why even those injured in an earlier motorcycle crash get back on one of these machines, except to say that they love the sport and the feeling of freedom. As automobile drivers who spent their time riding in a closed car everyday, it’s fair to say the few of us “four-wheelers” will ever truly understand.

On the downside, people do die from bike accidents, and on an alarmingly frequent basis. As Baltimore auto accident lawyers representing motorcyclists hurt in roadway accidents, we are all too familiar with the dangers. A few news article from earlier this year illustrate the consequences that can sometimes accompany a rider caught in a bad situation on their bike.

Motorcyclist Killed in Frederick County, MD, Crash

According to news articles, a female rider died after her bike apparently went off the road and crashed into a tree. Police reports indicated that the victim, Hanna Bragg, was riding her motorcycle along a stretch of Glissans Mill Rd. late on a Thursday evening when she reportedly failed to negotiate a curve. Police say the woman was headed east at the time of accident, which occurred shortly before 11:30pm. Emergency responders pronounced the woman dead at the scene.

No mention was made regarding whether or not the possibility of a mechanical defect or problem may have caused the wreck. Police reported that the Baltimore medical examiner’s office would conduct an autopsy to confirm the cause of death. Police did say that the victim was wearing her helmet at the time of the accident.

Essex Bike Crash Injures Dundalk Man

A Sunday morning motorcycle outing resulted in a trip to the hospital for one Maryland rider. According to Maryland State Police, they received an emergency call just before noon advising that a motorcyclist had gone off the road in Essex, MD. The rider, Richard Barton, was apparently traveling with a group of four other riders when his mount suddenly left the roadway and crashed. No details were available at the time of the article, however authorities believed that speed was not a factor and their may have been extenuating medical issues with the rider that resulted in the accident. The victim was transported to Bayview in serious condition.

One Rider Injured in Baltimore County Biking Accident

A motorcycle rider was reportedly injured following a crash along a portion of I-695 on a Sunday morning. The wreck occurred in the vicinity of Rte 702 and Pulaski Hwy, according to county officials. Based on news reports, the injured biker was transported to trauma center at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. No other information was available regarding the accident or the condition of the individual involved.

Hanna Bragg Dies In Frederick County Motocycle Accident,, February 25, 2012
Serious motorcycle crash in Essex,, March 11, 2012
1 Person Hurt In Beltway Crash,, March 11, 2012

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