Baltimore Biker Injury News: Two Maryland Residents Hurt in South Lebanon Motorcycle Crash

It seems that everywhere we look these days motorcycle riders, as well as pedestrians and bicyclists, are being injured on a fairly regular basis. The trouble may stem from the facts that warm weather brings out the recreational riders in droves, but even so it is hard to see so many individuals being hurt or killed in traffic accidents. As Maryland personal injury attorneys, I and my staff are ready and willing to help victims and their families recover financially from these types of roadway collisions, but the sad fact is there are some auto accidents from which there is really no recovering.

People who are killed in a traffic wreck that is caused by a negligent driver cannot be brought back to life. This may sound trite, but it is a fact and it cannot be changed by any lawyer, judge or court. All the victim’s family can hope is that justice will be served and that the family will not be further town apart by the financial distress losing a loved one to a fatal car or commercial trucking accident.

And it bears repeating that riders who are hurt in car-bike or bike-truck accidents can be severely injured to the point of life-long disability. Closed-head trauma, spinal cord damage and other head/neck/back-related injuries can complicate a victim’s recovery, which can be weeks if not months or years in the making. Motorcycle-related traffic accidents are difficult, if only because the rider and/or passenger have next to no protection during impact.

Being hit by a car or truck while riding in a passenger car usually means that the driver and occupants have at least some amount of stiff metal structure surrounding and protecting their bodies from direct contact with the impacting vehicle, roadway pavement or surrounding objects. A collision involving a motorcycle, however, means that the rider and/or passenger can receive much of the impact energy directly. This fact means that trauma to the victims on a bike will likely by greater than that experienced by occupants of an automobile.

Take, for instance, a news story we ran across describing a motorcycle-car collision in South Lebanon, MD, that resulted in two individuals being sent to the hospital for treatment of their injuries. In that instance, the two people were riding on the bike when it was hit by another vehicle. According to news reports, the crash took place on a Saturday afternoon a little after 1pm when a husband and wife were riding on their motorcycle together in South Lebanon Twp.

Police stated that the couple’s cycle was going northbound on a stretch of S. Fifth Ave. as the husband was maneuvering the cycle around a car in the road. In the process a second car apparently passed very close by the bike, striking the left leg of both the rider and passenger. Based on news articles, the husband managed to maintain control of the bike and brought it safely to a stop before calling for emergency responders.

The husband and wife, aged 57 and 56, respectively, were tended to by EMS personnel and then transported to Hershey Medical Center for treatment. At the time of the news article, Allen Leck was said to be in good condition a couple days later, while his wife, Connie, had already been discharged following her stay.

Two taken to hospital after motorcycle crash,, April 23, 2012

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