As Summer Approaches, the Number of Maryland Motorcycle Accidents Will Increase

Motorcycles are fundamentally less crashworthy than other types of vehicles. By nature, they are less visible to other drivers and less stable than larger closed vehicles. As such, Maryland motorcycle riders tend to sustain more significant injuries in accidents. Studies by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) indicate that over 5,000 people died in a motorcycle crash in the most recent reporting year.

Many factors increase the likelihood of a Maryland motorcycle accident. Like other car accidents, road geography, time of day, environmental factors, and driver error all play a role in these crashes. While warmer weather generally brings more travelers, summer draws more motorcyclists, unlike other peak travel times. Although many motorcycle riders exhibit appropriate road safety, those who have had several months of hiatus may not appropriately assess risk or their level of expertise.

Further, greater traffic, increased impaired driving, and road construction contribute to an accident’s likelihood. Generally, motorcycles have a much higher risk of being hit on the road than other vehicles. For example, Maryland State Police confirmed the death of a motorcycle rider following a three-vehicle crash. An initial investigation reveals that a Harley Davidson motorcycle rider traveled west when a Honda Pilot driver moved over into the westbound lane. A Hyundai driver traveling behind the motorcycle slammed into both vehicles. The motorcyclist was ejected from his bike and fell on the Hyundai. The three vehicles caught on fire, and the biker died at the accident scene. Emergency responders transported the Honda Pilot driver to a hospital for his injuries.

What Is the Most Common Cause of Maryland Motorcycle Accidents?

Most motorcycle accidents involve some element of driver error, and these negligent drivers must be held accountable for their negligence. Negligence may involve speeding, tailgating, lane splitting, distraction, or road rage. Vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and motorcyclists should take extra steps to ensure their safety. Motorcycle riders can take measures by wearing protective gear, avoiding sudden lane changes and lane splitting, and remaining alert. Many bikers face an implicit bias by law enforcement, insurance companies, judges and juries. An attorney can help those injured in a motorcycle accident overcome these barriers and recover the compensation the law entitles.

Have You Suffered Injuries in a Maryland Motorcycle Accident

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