Amplified Dangers for Maryland Motorcyclists

Although motorcycles and city scooters can often present a more mobile, agile, and compact way of getting around on a daily basis, they can also present a number of unique risks. Unfortunately, when compared to regular passenger vehicle accidents, motorcycle and scooter accidents are often inherently more dangerous. Understanding the additional risks that operating a motorcycle or scooter can pose can help you proactively avoid risky situations when operating one or can make you more aware of your passing motorcycles or scooters as a passenger vehicle driver.

According to a recent news report, a woman died after she collided with a truck while riding a Lime scooter. The woman crashed into the rear tires of a moving truck after she swerved into the roadway. Police pronounced the woman dead at the scene. Following an initial investigation, local authorities noted that there were no indications of alcohol involved in causing the crash. The accident remains under investigation, and further examination of the scooter and toxicology testing conducted by the medical examiner’s office is expected.

Scooters are not exactly the same as motorcycles, but they do share many of the same risks and issues when it comes to being more susceptible to accidents. As scooters have increased in popularity and are more accessible than ever in major metropolitan areas, accidents have increased as well. So, what is it exactly that causes motorcycles or scooters to be more likely to be involved in a collision that causes injury or even death?

Are Motorized Scooters Dangerous?

Motorcycles and scooters are uniquely more susceptible to certain types of accidents that may be more dangerous than common passenger vehicle collisions. For example, cars making a left-hand turn often do not see a motorcycle or scooter that is going through an intersection, or drivers in passenger vehicles do not see a scooter or motorcycle that is attempting to overtake or go around a car. Because of their smaller size, lack of visibility is often a common cause of motorcycle or scooter accidents.

Operating a motorcycle or scooter is also more dangerous overall because riders lack the protection of the steel and trunk of a car when an accident takes place. Whether the motorcyclist or scooter driver is hit by a car, crashes into a fixed object, or is driving under the influence, they are more likely to be thrown from their bikes during an accident. This makes injuries such as concussions and brain damage, broken bones, facial disfigurement, and road rash far more common for motorcyclists and scooter operators than drivers of passenger vehicles.

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