Admissibility of Statements After a Maryland Car Accident

After seeking medical assistance, the next step a Maryland accident victim should take is to consult with an attorney. While speaking to an insurance adjustor or other party may seem harmless, many seemingly innocuous statements can drastically impact a victim’s recovery. Under conditions of extreme duress, a party may make a statement expressing guilt or remorse for an accident; however, this does not necessarily amount to an admission of guilt.

Apologizing after an accident does not equate with admitting blame; the other driver’s insurance company or attorney may use those statements as an admission of fault. Although it might go against a person’s inherent character, it is generally advisable to avoid apologizing after a Maryland accident. It is best practice to limit conversations to ensure the safety of all parties and contact emergency responders and law enforcement.

Does Apologizing After a Maryland Motorcycle Accident Affect My Case?

Apologizing after a Maryland motorcycle accident does not legally implicate guilt or fault, but the opposing party may argue that it does. In another state, this may not make much of a difference; however, because of Maryland’s strict contributory negligence laws, the other party may try to use a victim’s innocent statement of concern to bar their financial recovery. On the other hand, a victim may be able to use an at-fault party’s statement in their personal injury case.

For example, news sources recently reported that officials charged a driver with vehicular homicide after she caused the death of a motorcycle rider and injuries to a passenger. The woman told authorities that she “looked away for a split second” and noticed that traffic had stopped. She attempted to swerve to avoid the traffic; in doing so, she slammed head-on to the motorcyclist. The biker and his wife were thrown from the vehicle.

In cases like this, the at-fault driver’s statements may be used as evidence during criminal and civil trials. In addition, there are other common forms of evidence that a claimant may use to establish liability. Evidence may include signed insurance statements or police reports, emergency responders or law enforcement statements, and even social media posts. However, proper authentication and presentation to the court are critical aspects of a case. AS such, an attorney can assist Maryland injury victims in gathering evidence, preparing a case, and presenting a compelling and legally sound case to a judge or jury.

Have You Suffered Injuries in a Maryland Car Accident?

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