Abingdon Woman Killed in Motorcycle Accident

Millsboro Police reported that a Maryland woman died earlier this month in a motorcycle crash on Route 113.

The Abingdon woman was riding a Yamaha sports bike, when she failed to stop at a traffic light, continuing into the intersection of Route 113 and Route 24. It was there that she then ran into a vehicle that was turning northbound onto Route 113. The motorcyclist was transported to a local hospital, but later died from her injuries.

Police did not release information regarding the other vehicle in the accident. They did reveal, however, that they believe speed was a contributing factor to the collision.

Due to the lack of information regarding the nature of the collision, it is difficult to ascertain factors relating to liability and how exactly the crash occurred. It is unclear, for example at what speed both of the motorists were travelling, whether the motorcyclist was already in the intersection when the other car began to turn, etc.

From the information we have, however, we know that the accident happened in an intersection, one of the most common locations for on the road accidents. We also know that speed was considered to be a factor.

The statistics regarding speeding as a contributing factor in crashes are staggering. According to a study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), it is one of the most prevalent factors, contributing to around 31% of all fatal accidents.

Further, the NHTSA estimates the economic cost to society of speeding-related crashes to be $40.4 billion per year. In 2009 alone, 10,591 lives were lost in speeding-related crashes.

While we don’t know who was at fault in this accident, motorcycle collisions often occur because other drivers do not see or are not paying attention to motorcyclists. When other drivers act negligently, they should be held legally accountable for the damages they cause. Examples of the type of fault-worthy negligent driving include situations such as where the driver was speeding excessively, failed to stop at a traffic light, failed to yield, was engaging in distracted driving (cell phone use), etc.

Even when it seems obvious that the other driver was being negligent, a successful lawsuit still requires that the plaintiff (person bringing the suit) prove that: 1) the driver was being negligent; and 2) that the negligent behavior was the proximate (direct) cause of the collision and resulting injuries.

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