A Couple Annapolis Bicycle Riders Injured during Maryland’s “Bike to Work Day”

A recent news article said that the Annapolis Police Department reports two cyclists had been injured in a Maryland bicycle accident during a Friday morning commute. The injury accident happened when a motorist in a car parked along Main Street opened his vehicle’s driver door apparently without checking the sideview mirror, causing two passing bike riders to collide with it.

One Annapolis bicycle accident victim was transported to Anne Arundel Medical Center; the other bicycle rider was admitted to the Maryland Shock Trauma Center.

Ironically, this Anne Arundel bike accident happened on “Bike to Work Day,” a nationwide event that encourages people to ride their bicycles to get to work. Reportedly, the Baltimore Metropolitan Council sponsored numerous riding rallies in Baltimore City, Bel Air, Annapolis, Westminster, Columbia, and numerous other cities to mark the day. More than 1,000 bicycle riders placed their heels on pedals and headed off to work.

Baltimore has put in place 432 new bike lane miles and 80 new bike racks. Another 200 racks will be set up and 80 more lane lines added by the the end of the 2009.

2007 NHTSA Bicycle Accident Facts

The drivers of cars, trucks, buses, and motorcycles do share the roads with bicyclists, and it is important that motorists stay aware of these riders and take precautions to avoid getting involved in a traffic accident with a pedalcyclist.

In 2007, According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:

• 43,000 pedalcyclists sustained injuries throughout the US.
• 698 pedalcyclists died.
• 7 of those fatalities occurred in Maryland.

• 1 of the bicyclist deaths occurred in Washington DC.

Just like motor vehicle drivers, bicyclists are entitled to certain rights when riding on Maryland roads, and pedalcyclists risk sustaining catastrophic injuries whenever they are involved in a Maryland traffic accident.

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